Date : August 9, 2018

SMS Bomber: Prank Your Friends by Sending Unlimited SMS

Hello Friends Today i am Telling you What is sms bomber(SMS Flooder),sms bomber is a type of app which use Commercial app api for sending messages in heavy amount of sms in form of otp and many other custom sms. It is an Prank app beacuse many of Peoples use this for prank wtih there friends, family,and many relatives.

Is that SMS Bomber(SMS flooder) is Safe for use?

Sms bomber is an app which is used for pranks only but some people use it for taking revenges,for that the owners of sms bomber take ther information like numbers,ip logs and many information which they will show when they are in Problem. so for fun it is okay to use but for revenge it is bad for use it.

What options sms bomber apps contains.

Sms bomber now a days contain features like :

Is that sms bombing app or script is free to use?

Yes Sms bombing apps are free to use but only some of apps are safe to use because many apps contains malware or rats which make your phone hacked

How is this app works or script works?

This is script Based trick hope you like it and please note that this sms bomber is only for education purpose only. We are not responsible for any damage. Update sms bomber now can send maximum sms as you want. Just keep reloading the script and every reload script send approx.3-4 sms. This is latest update sms flooder,and working like charmed. Use this script to prank your friends and family member. So by this estimate you can learn how to use online sms bomber.

How to become safe from these apps?

Now a days many good sms bombing apps which only get used for pranks are having a protection list, they save your number to data base and make you secure from sending there types of sms.
sms bomber


Why SMS Bombers is not on PlayStore?

Ans. SMS Bombers is not on Store because it do not comply with Play Store SPAM Policy Click here to read policy. Due to which it will never be on store.

Does it contain Malware or Virus?

Ans. If you are downloading it from official Sites Click Here To Check Trusted Sites it is 100% safe. For mental satisfaction you can scan this apk from any antivirus you like.